Thursday, March 11, 2010

Snow Layout

Hopefully this is greeting you on a sunny day! I know a lot of you have had more than your fair share of snow this year. We, unfortunately, here in Oregon haven't gotten very much at all!
My son got so excited the first morning he woke up to snow. He could barely wait to go outside and play in it. You can tell by his expression he was just too excited to pose for a nice picture.

Supplies used: Doodlebug Bubble Gum Glitter, Tacky Tape Circle, Scallop Frame, Circle Scallop, Snowflake #01 Petite, My Minds Eye Paper, American Crafts Thickers, Unknown Scraps

This was my first time playing with Tacky Tape die cuts and glitter. Boy was it fun! I wanted to give a close up of the frame.

In case your wondering what the tacky tape die cuts are like and how you use them I took pictures along the way.

First, this is what it looks like.

I peeled off one side and put it in a bowl.

I then sprinkled the glitter over it and patted it down to make sure it was on there good.

I then shook the excess glitter off and peeled off the back and stuck it where I wanted it.
It was as simple as that! The Doodlebug glitter bottles don't look all that big, but my container still looks new after using this. there is a TON of glitter in them!

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Holly said...

Oh, such a GREAT layout! Love your glittery tacky tape scallop frame. Now I need to get some!!!