Saturday, February 21, 2009

Clear Album Tutorial Part 2

This is the 2nd segment of a 3-part tutorial on making a 6"x6"clear album, for part 1 click here.

Now you have your clear album with one side of all the pages stamped. Great! Now on to what I call the paper phase!
You will need 20 or so small photos so you will have at least one photo per page. I used the software that came with my camera to print 6
3 1/2" square photos on a sheet of 8 1/2"x11" sheet of photo paper. Don't spend a ton of time fussing with your shots, just get them printed. I keep a red eye pen by American Crafts handy to erase any red eye but that is about it.

You will need double sided pattern paper, I love this Christmas pad of paper from K&Co, It was so hard for me to use before because both ides of the paper is so yummy I felt bad about one side not showing but with the clear album you get to see both sides, how cool is that!?! You will also need stamps, ink and the chipboard you painted yesterday. Paper punches are handy for making small accents as well. I chose 3 simple shapes to "mat" my photos, I cut all of the paper a head of time. I used 4 1/2" scalloped circles, squares and a bracket edge shape. I also cut out tags and photo corners to use. Let's get sticking!

I used CLEAR double stick tape to attach my photos and paper. Don't cover the entire page, leave areas of the page exposed so you can peek through to the next! Also: DON'T FORGET TO REMOVE THE FILM FROM THE CLEAR PAGES!

I made up a catchy rhyme to help you remember how to layer them, the "front" refers to the stamped side of the page: "Stick a photo to the front, pattern paper on the back, and another photo on top of that" Alright, It doesn't exactly rhyme but you get the idea.

Stick a photo to the front...

Pattern Paper on the back...

Add another photo on top of that!

For sticking on dainty bits of paper I used small home-made glue dots and they are as good as store bought, you can read my tutorial here.

As you go you may want to stamp on the chipboard or directly on the photo or plastic page. Use StazOn ink for this, for inking the edges of paper use the chalk ink. Here are pages with paper and photos, step 2 done! YAY!

One more thing, to keep this album fast and fun hand write your journaling! Use Sharpie (or any other permanent marker) directly on your page.

OK 2 more things...Don't forget to remove the film from the backside of the pages! Really, I can't stress this enough. You took all the film off the front side when you stamped it and there is a film on the back too, trust me after you have to take a part a few pages to remove the film you will remember this...don't ask me how I know that;-)

I'll be back in a day or two with the finished album, I tickled with how it came out, I hope you will like it too! Thanks for stopping by!

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