Monday, February 23, 2009

Clear Album Tutorial Part 3

First I want to say thanks to you for sticking with me this far! At this stage we have all of our paper and photos in our book on beautifully stamped clear pages. Now let's put our book together and add a few more touches. You will need the 3 binder rings that came with your album, ribbon (lots of it), buttons, glue dots, dew drops (to make them for free click here) and anything else you would like to add. Actually all of this stuff is just the icing on the cake, you can simply add the rings to your book and call it good but if you're a "Fancy Nancy" like me you will want a bit more icing on the, I mean book!

First attach the rings and tie ribbon on them. To save ribbon tie it on while still on the spool, then trim it the length you want, then you just have to trim the first end.

Add buttons, sparkles and anything else you want to the pages. To learn how to make glue dots for pennies click here. I love putting the dew drops on the clear pages because you can see the pretty gems from the other side too!

And now, drum roll please, here is the finished book!


Pamela Smerker said...

Fabulous tutorial Lindsay and WOW...your album is stunning! Great job!!!

Joke said...

Wow, what a lovely good looking album. Love all your clear products and those examples on 2s4y are super!

Jackie said...

What a beautiful album!