Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pumpkin Purse

How cute is this???? When I was working with the Retro Pocketbook, Terry (the owner of CC&M) suggested that this round shape would be perfect for a pumpkin. Hmmmmm........ I was intrigued and of course, I had to see how that would look. I think this is just too much fun!

Think of all the different pumpkin faces you can make for this purse. The possibilities are endless. I cut out the square nose and the triangle eyes from black cardstock. For the mouth, I drew it with a pencil until I got the look I wanted, and then I cut it out with fine-tipped scissors.

If you have little ones getting ready for trick-or-treating, this would be a fun project for them to work on. Let them cut out eyes and noses and experiment with mouths, and then glue them down onto these Retro Pocketbooks. They could give these little purses away to their grandmothers or teachers or babysitters. Just add some Halloween candy to the inside of the purse and this makes the perfect little gift.

Happy Halloween!


Dawn said...

This is a cute idea, really like the shape for a pumpkin.

Noelle Reese said...

What a darling idea!