Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Many, Many Thanks

Hi Bloggers!  It's Noelle posting today!  How is summer treating you?  We are LOVING it!  My youngest is getting brown as a bear from all the playing outside !  I prefer to be in my basement scrapbook room where it's nice and cool.  LOL
I love the yellow on this card!  It reminds me of summer!  I ADORE ordering A2 cards in kraft.  EVERYTHING in the scraproom matches kraft don't you think?  Have you bought any Killer Red or White Tacky Tape yet? I'm telling you this stuff is GOOD!!

The white is tear-able, it's my favorite.  I can't even believe it tears like masking tape and sticks like the Killer Red! 
If you want your projects to stick together forever, pick up some of these!  You really won't be sorry!  To layer that ribbon you just lay down a strip and every time you make a loop, just stick a small piece in there.  Easy as can be!
Thanks so much for stopping by today, and HAPPY SHOPPING!!


Gloria Westerman said...

How your ribbon....and your right these tapes are the best....tfs

Nora Anne said...

I love your distressed edges, looks so pretty! You've sold me on this tape, I must get some of the tear-able one!