Monday, June 25, 2012

Celebrate Poppers and fun news!!

Happy Monday!
Well I am running a little late in the day today - Sorry but I have some great news...
My 1st granddaughter was born this morning. Figured you would understand my post coming in this afternoon instead of this morning. I had to go meet her!!!!
Miss Norah arrived at Sky Ridge weighing in at 7lbs 2 oz and 19 inches long.
She is so tiny and so cute. I can't wait till I get more time with her and her mom (Ok her dad too)..

Now for the other important stuff:

I made these fun Party Poppers as we call them from where I am from originally (Oregon) here on the Creative cuts and More site they are called Candy Boxes. I decorated them with the new die called Celebration Phrase (4X4) What a fun die for cards or boxes.

Steps I took:
Picked out fun paper that would be great for boys and girls at a party.
Assembled the candy boxes using killer red tacky tape for that super duper hold when candy is involved!
Tied one end of the boxes - add candy - tied the other (remember these boxes have a 1/2 hole on each side so I chose larger candy that would not fall out the ends - you can place the candy in a zip-loc baggie if you chose to use smaller candy)
Mixed the celebrate up and the confetti  and glued on to the boxes.
I was done in a Jiffy and ready to move on to the next party task.

If you have a party coming up soon I suggest you take the time to consider this as a favor it will cut your party favor time processing down and free you up for the other tasks you have to do.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone,


Astrid said...

Congrats with your first granddaughter.
Hugs Astrid

NoraAnne said...

Congratulations on Baby Norah! So exciting :) She is adorable (and so are your poppers!)

angie reece said...

congratulations!! and cute poppers!

Noelle Reese said...

CONGRATS DIANNE!! She looks beautiful! Your poppers are sure fun!!