Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Beginning of Decadence - I hope!

This may seem a rather strange post from the norm you usually see here, because it is only the beginning of a project I have just started...a book all about
Marie Antoinette!

There is just something about her that seems to inspire artists all around the world to create or re-create her life of decadence & fashion!
I know that I have been obsessed with her for a while & I am finally going to attempt an artistic journey (if you will) with her!

So, I ordered the Four Pane 8x8 Window Album from Creative Cuts & More in the Neenah "Whitestone" cardstock for the pages, but I also ordered several HEAVY chipboard pages to integrate because I hope to do a lot of painting as well as collaging on the pages & I don't want them to buckle under all the mediums!
So here's a look at some of my supplies:
As you can see, the album is upright in the back, with the cover on top of a paper pad & my source of inspiration - "Marie" published by Somerset in the center of all the goodies.
I have a smattering of the Vintage Labels in different colors & both sizes to play with. I also ordered the Elegant Large Frame in two shades of metallic gold; a couple of gold crowns (not on the site yet), a Flag, one of the tiny Dresses in blue velvet; the Tag Card to incorporate somehow; as well as some other misc. banners & shapes to work into the book.
I wanted to give myself plenty of options to play with on this one!! Plus, I have been collecting all sorts of odds & ends for embellishments to add to the dies!
It should be a really fun book to work on!

So far, all I have started on is the cover...
I painted it a deep turquoise blue & then smattered some gold metallic paint here & there. When all that was dry, I added a couple layers of crackle.

My plan is to have an image of Marie behind the window (like here), but I don't think I'm quite done with the front...I want to build it up a little more somehow - maybe with some sculpty clay, ribbon & more? Who knows, the possiblities are endless! I plan to test my limits on this one!
So be sure to keep checking back to see what I've done!
My next post here will be on July 19th; with my goal of finishing the album by the 30th! But be sure to check out my blog now & again, as I will try to record some of the progress or techniques there as well!

But of course, there will be many posts in between from our other talented designers!! So, you should really be checking in EVERY day to see what they've all created for you with the many dies & albums from Creative Cuts & More!!

See you soon!


Fern said...

Wow Becky, this is going to be gorgeous!!!! Looking forward to following your progress and I can't wait to see the finished album!!!!

Nora Anne said...

Oh Becky this looks like the start of something great! I can't wait to see more! I am enjoying just seeing all of your supplies spread out here with all of your CC&M goodies!!! The possibilities really are endless!