Monday, May 23, 2011

Meet My Goldfish- Goldie

When you were little did you ever win a goldfish at the carnival? This card reminds me of that time.

I got this fun fishbowl shape card from Creative Cuts and More- It was a solid shape and I cut out a circle in both sides.
I then took a couple pieces of plastic from packaging and cut circles. Those circles were embossed with a bubbles folder. Doesn't that look great on that plastic?
I found this free image on-line at Google pictures- it was the most realistic goldfish.
I printed and flipped the image and backed them together.
All I used was some Killer red tacky tape to seal the sides and a small bow for the top.
Such a quick idea and fun design to use.
Did you know Creative Cuts and More carries many shape cards that you can decorate or alter?
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Fern said...

Very creative!!! I loooove it!!!

Noelle Reese said...

I absolutely LOVE this card! Our Mr Fish recently died. Morgan got him as a party favor five years ago! LOL He was a hardy little thing LOL