Thursday, January 7, 2010

Square Bag #1 Mini

Creative Cuts and More Bag/Box

I have to tell you that DH and 14yods had great fun at my expense over this tiny bag. They spent an inordinate amount of time rumaging around the house to see what kinds of things would actually fit in a box this small. I told DH in no uncertain terms that all kinds of good things come in small packages, not the least of which are diamonds. I feel pretty certain that more diamonds are in my future. (Not.) Personally, I think a bag this cute has merits of its very own. When party/shower/wedding guests take a little bag like this home, they are not taking it because they just can't get enough of those chalky little mints they're always foisting off on us at girl events.
You can get this bag and dozens more They also have the redline tape that makes putting these together a breeze, and KEEPS them together.

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Steph Zerbe said...

Oh i love this little bag! It fits candies, nuts, winter bark and all kinds of yummy things. I love the purple ribbon wrapped all the way around the bag and the embossed dots. Too fun!