Friday, January 22, 2010

Will You Be My Valentine?

Hi everyone! It's Noelle and I am IN LOVE with this candy box!! It took me longer to decide what color I wanted to emboss with then it did to put the box together! I used Killer Red Tape to seal it. I punched double sided sticky tape with a heart punch and stuck them on. Some have micro beads and some have glitter. Then I stamped all 4 sides with a word or saying using a white pigment pad. Then I piled on some UTEE [Ultra Thick Embossing Powder] and heated it up. I peeled off the backing of the Killer Red Tape folded the creases and it was together in less than 30 seconds! I tied a bow on each end and added a 'skittle' to the ends. It was SUPER easy! When Carlee starts preschool I can't wait to make these for all the kids in her class! This one will have one of the really big Lip Smackers in it for my older daughter. If you decide to put in a small candy you will need to use a bag to keep them in, there is a tiny hole in each end.

If you need super quick and easy gift holders you will love using this Candy Box from Creative Cuts and More! Thanks for looking today!


mustangkayla said...

Very cute Noelle!

Carla said...

Adorable!! Great idea about the Bonnie Bell, too!

ellen s. said...

these are my favorite die cuts...soooo cute!!!