Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Did you know Creative Cuts is even for organizing?

It's true!  I have made the Tag Album before and it's super cute!  But lately I am using it to divide my stamps!  I should be committed for cataloging my stamps!   If you would like to see more on that you can HERE.
I am filing them all alphabetically and decided to use the Tag Album as my dividers!
At first I was going to stamp all the names.  Well.... let me just tell you a little hint.  You can't see that when it is between the stamps LOL 
I labeled the top and it does stick out above most of the stamp sets. 
I'm not sure why I am stamping on them.  I guess because I love to stamp so much!  LOL  I love these as dividers and they will make me happy every time I pull out a stamp set!
So remember, we can help you get organized, help with party decorations, cards, scrapbook pages and lots of other things!  :)
Thanks for stopping by today!


NoraAnne said...

Great idea! I finally returned to my cataloging project and I have to keep this in mind when I am ready to organize all the sets to put away!
p.s. I have that American Girl set, I couldn't resist the deer!

Dawnll said...

Such a great idea to share Noelle...who doesn't need more organizing?
These large tags are perfect