Friday, April 15, 2011

Is This Spectacular or What? (heavy in pics)

Wedding season is a time when love is in the air- May I share some inspiration with you?
Hi Everyone, Dawn ll here today.
I have to say I think this turned out so Well -hope you like.
Creative Cuts and More has the most spectacular die cuts and the Cake Slice Box Set- Two Tier is one of my favorite to use.
I love the dies from Terry because they are perfectly cut and always the highest quality. I get to choose from hundreds of paper colors and weights or materials.
I see patterns on-line that can be cut out by myself but so not worth a poor quality product for something I want to last and look spectacular.

This Cake Slice Box Set- Two Tier cake (die cuts)was actually made for Terry in opalescent white metallic and I used Amethyst accessories.

Here is the basic supplies I started with to create this wonderful cake.

Let me share some steps to construct one of your own
You may also contact Terry at Creative Cuts and More to purchase the supplies and have me construct and decorate for you in your choice of colors.

I chose to use a cardboard cake form as a base. Killer red Tacky tape works best for this cake because I used metallic papers and I wanted it to stay together.I personally like to use a bone folder to make all the folds crisp, but it isn't necessary if you choose not to use one
White tissue paper works well to stuff the inside to help keep the form of each slice and not add weight to the cake.

Wanted to share a close up of the tape areas to help keep the slices together forever.

The larger size slices get placed on the bottom first and placed closely together to give the top layer the support it will need after fully decorated.
This is a quick view of the two tiers together undecorated.
These are the supplies used to decorate and assemble the Dress and Tuxedo Box Set.

The Dress & Tuxedo set come as a separate set and the suit, dress, shirt and tie can be made in any color choice you would like.
Each of these pieces can also be purchased separately.

I used Tulle that was dotted to accent the dress- sort of a thin liner so the pearl shine on the dress shows through.

Decorating the Two Tier Cake is the best part of this process. I started with the teardrop pearl and braided trim around the middle of each layer.
The bride and groom were added to the middle of the top of the cake at a slight angle to make room for decorations.
I was lucky to find these beautiful open flowers in a Amethyst shade to match the grooms shirt and tie.
I even added a small flower to the lapel and around the waist of the bridal dress

I had to add a couple butterflies to this Spring like two tier cake.
Many of these items can be purchased individually if you would like to check them out.

Cake Slice Box - XL

Cake Slice Box - Large

Cake Slice Box Set-Two Tier

Please let me know what you think- I am always excited to hear if you like what I have shared or not.
Please pop over and visit Creative Cuts and More and let Terry know I sent you.

If you use my code CC&M11DawnLoth you will get a 10% discount.


Fairy Cardmaker said...

This is incredibly beautiful. The butterflies are a very nice touch too!

Noelle Reese said...

This is BEAUTIFUL! You did an amazing job!!

velta said...

This could not possibly be more gorgeous! The very best cake I have ever seen! The butterflies and flowers make this cake just perfect! TFS :)

Fern said...

Dawn, this is amazing and totally gorgeous!!! I love the way you decorated it!!! TFS!!! Hugs!!!!

NoraAnne said...

WOw, this is so gorgeous! Where were you when I got married?!?! LOL!